Investment Grade Energy Audit and Project Development Contract - Lebanon (2008 - 2009)

The local mission of the United Nations Development Program office in Lebanon is to promote energy efficiency in the country through the involvement of local and international energy services companies. As one of the first steps, UNDP tasked IIEC to facilitate energy audit study being conducted by local energy auditing firms to enhance the quality of audits and to create a mechanism to improve the bidding process for energy audits.

This activity was spread over a period of 7 months and included two visits to the site to oversee the energy auditing activity and off-site tasks related to presenting the energy audit findings and recommendations to improve energy efficiency in various end-uses. IIEC used its international best practice knowledge base for energy audits in the country and evaluated the options to implement energy efficiency in a cascaded manner that brought maximum benefits to the implementing organizations. Activities included: 1) Design of Energy Audits; 2) Analysis of Field Survey Data; 3) Design of Energy Management Program; 4) Creation of Bid Documentation, and 5) Assistance in Evaluation of ESCO Bids. Funding Agency/Client: United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Lebanon.

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