MoU between IAPMO-I and IIEC-I

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by and between International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials - India (IAPMO-India) and the International Institute for Energy Conservation – India (IIEC-India) at Pune, India on the 16th day of August 2010.


IAPMO-India is an Indian Corporation established to develop and promote a uniform plumbing code in India. IAPMO-India dedicated to advance most up to date methods of sanitation in India and to provide comprehensive education resources.

IAPMO-India and Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) have jointly published the Uniform Plumbing Code-India (UPC-I) and Green Plumbing Code supplement-India (GPCS-I).


IAPMO-India and IPA has developed a comprehensive plumbing education curriculum to prepare multiple levels of professionals in India to understand, interpret, engage, and apply the provisions of the UPC-I under Plumbing Education to Employment Programme (PEEP). The academic programmes namely Plumbing Systems Design (PSD), Plumbing Construction Management (PCM) and Plumbing Technology Programme (PTP) developed under PEEP are based on UPC-I.


GreenPlumbers India (GPI) is a collaborative initiative of IPA and IAPMO-India, is a national training and accreditation program that assists plumbing professionals in understanding their role in environment and public health. The goal of GreenPlumbers India is to train and deploy a green army of thousands of plumbing professionals to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of green house gas emissions.



IIEC-India is a Section 25 company registered in India, and is a subsidiary of IIEC, a reputed international non-governmental and not-for-profit organization with a mission to accelerate the global adoption of energy efficiency and conservation, climate friendly transport and environmental policies, and modern technologies and practices to enable economic and environmentally sustainable development.


IIEC-India advises central, state, and local governments, international donors, energy utilities, private industry, research and academic institutions, non-Governmental organizations, and consumer organizations to develop approaches to scale up innovative energy efficiency and conservation programs in multi-disciplined sectors.


IIEC-India leverages international experience in the development of standards and labeling for energy efficient products, such as appliances and equipment, and for the built environment, including public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. IIEC-India provides advisory services in the design and implementation of financial mechanisms and policies to scale up energy efficiency and conservation measures and programs.


IIEC-India has launched several energy efficiency and conservation programs which include, inter alia, Mumbai Energy Alliance, Eco-housing India, BESCOM Efficient Lighting Program, Maharashtra Energy Conservation Action Plan, and several energy utility demand side management programs.

(L2R) Megan Lehtonen, Ira Athale Prem, Nitin Pandit and Subhash Deshpande
Recognizing the synergies in the simultaneous promotion of green plumbing practices and energy efficiency and conservation, IAPMO-India and IIEC-India have signed the MoU to work together to promote energy and water efficiency and conservation through plumbing and pumping system improvements through pilot demonstration projects, policy interventions, regulatory mechanisms, financing mechanisms, public awareness and capacity building programs.

On this occasion, Megan Lehtonen said, “The working relationship between these two forward thinking organizations will now be able to enhance the opportunities for the goals of the Government of India to have Green conservation and sustainable construction to be met and exceeded in the areas of safe, sanitary plumbing and Air Conditioning. The most exciting aspect is that this is just the beginning.” “When IIEC, IAPMO India, IPA and ISHRAE meet together to discuss the possibilities, the benefits that can result are almost endless! These activities will serve the people of India well for decades to come.” said Megan.


The MoU was signed by Ms. Megan Lehtonen, Director, Business Development, IAPMO and Dr. Nitin Pandit, President, IIEC along with Mr. Subhash Deshpande, Director Plumbing, IAPMO India and Ms. Ira Athale Prem, Project Manager, IIEC India.


The IAPMO-I and IIEC-I will work together to conceptualize the scope and scale of the joint programs at the nexus of energy and water conservation and efficiency, identify funding opportunities and develop a joint strategy for implementation.


“IIEC and IAPMO have considerable international expertise in promoting and implementing energy efficiency and green plumbing. Our unique collaboration is targeted at addressing India’s huge untapped potential in energy and water conservation,” said Dr. Pandit.