Raising Awareness on Solar Home Systems in Rural Villages and National TV in Cambodia

IIEC successfully concluded a series of promotional activities on renewable energy as part of the Renewable Energy Promotion and Awareness Program (REPA) from the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) in Cambodia. The program is funded by a World Bank / Global Environment Facility grant and the Rural Electrification Fund.


IIEC organized a workshop entitled “Promoting Renewable Energy Projects in Cambodia” in Phnom Penh on the 8th December 2011. The objective was to trigger greater discussion and interest on renewable energy financing for rural electrification in Cambodia. A total of 49 participants attended the workshop including government officials, commercial banks, Rural Electricity Enterprises (REEs) and international development agencies. The workshop also involved a visit to two biomass gasification plants outside Phnom Penh. The workshop participants highlighted the current challenges in securing financing for renewable energy projects for rural electrification and the limited knowledge of local commercial banks on renewable energy financing.


Solar Home Systems (SHS) play a key role in the REPA project as a total of 12,000 SHS are being installed by REF in rural villages throughout Cambodia. Therefore, IIEC organized on-site events in rural villages to promote solar energy, SHS and REF as well as engaged and educated rural people on these topics. An effective educational video, developed by IIEC, was shown to the villagers during the event. Each event was attended on average by 200 people and a number of promotional materials were distributed such as t-shirts, caps, calendars and bags.


To further enhance SHS awareness and promotion in rural villages and at national level, IIEC disseminated a radio and TV spot on provincial radios and national TV respectively. All the materials produced by IIEC for this project are now available online at http://www.repacambodia.net/.


On-site Event in Kampong Speu Province (left) and Workshop Attendees (right)


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