Auditing IFC Offices in South Africa and India

The IIEC was subcontracted to undertake energy audits of the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC - World Bank Group) offices in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The project is part of IFC’s effort to improve their Office’s Energy Efficiency and Sustainability across the world. IIEC recently conducted energy audits in Johannesburg (South Africa) and New Delhi (India) offices. Others offices under consideration include Dubai, Hong Kong and Jakarta and the project could be extended to other IFC and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) offices in the near future. Overall, IIEC is responsible for carrying out walk-through audits or detailed energy audits depending on the requirements from the IFC office. This includes visits to the offices, inventory of equipment, undertaking on-site measurements, conducting a survey/questionnaire, and preparation of a final report identifying potential energy efficiency measures and undertaking a cost-benefit analysis. The IFC offices will then be responsible for selecting and implementing the measures specified in the report.

  IIEC’s Senior Energy Specialist, Ameya Udgaonkar, conducting an Energy Audit
at the IFC Johannesburg Offices

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