Lao PDR to Develop an Energy Standards & Labelling Program

Facing energy shortage due to rapid economic growth, Lao PDR is taking a key step to tackle the energy supply shortage through demand side management.

The Electricite du Laos (EdL), a state-own utility, is implementing the Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency (DSM/EE) Phase II project with financial support from the World Bank and contracting the IIEC as the project consultant. The DSM/EE II project addresses key issues in all energy end-users: public, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. The residential sector is a major energy consumer in Lao PDR with nearly 40% of the country energy consumption. High energy consumption in the residential sector is mainly due to the use of low energy efficient electric appliances. The lack of appliances standards puts consumers at risk in terms of both safety and quality of appliances. To address this issue, the DSM/EE II is developing a roadmap for implementation of standards and labelling for electric appliances in Lao PDR. The project has invited representatives from 5 ministries to form the national standards and labelling committee. The first task is to identify the appliances that will be piloted in the program. The project team has conducted a national appliance saturation survey during June - July 2014 covering 17 provinces and sampled a total of 1,000 households. The survey results show that major appliances are lights, televisions, fans, and refrigerators. Key findings from the survey will be analysed and incorporated into the Lao Energy Standards and Labelling Roadmap.

  DSM/EE Project Team conducting the survey and raising
awareness about energy efficient lighting

  Conducting interviews in Savannakhet

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