IIEC Models Energy Saving Potential for Energy Efficient Fans in Asia

IIEC conducted a comprehensive study and assessment of electric fan markets for the residential sector in South and Southeast Asia for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The main objective was to determine the potential electricity and CO2emission savings by 2030 based on different scenarios such as Business as Usual (baseline), use of Best Available Technology and enforcing existing Standards and Labeling for electric fans in each respective country.

IIEC estimates a total annual market size for electric fans in the residential sector in South and Southeast Asia of approximately 80 to 100 million electric fans, which could reach 130 million units by 2030. The baseline electricity consumption was determined based on the current stock of electric fans in both regions and which will account for about 25 TWh in 2015 and 37 TWh in 2030 (see figure below).

  Annual Electricity Consumption Baseline from 2015 to 2030 for South Asia (SA) and
Southeast Asia (SEA) for Ceiling Fans and Table/Floor/Wall Fans

Accordingly, the study then assessed the potential cumulative energy and CO2emission savings (%) by 2030 according to different scenarios and electric fan type, as highlighted below:

Ceilings Fans:

  • Best Available Technologies: 23% to 53%
  • Enforcement of existing S&L Scheme: 13%

Table/Floor/Wall Fans:

  • Best Available Technologies: 35%
  • Switching to Ceiling Fans in Southeast Asia: 7% to 26% depending on market penetration of ceiling fans
  • Enforcement of existing S&L Scheme: 19%
  • Harmonization and enforcement of best S&L scheme in the region: 25%

Overall, the modelling results show that enforcement and enhancement of existing S&L schemes for electric fans to be in line with best commercially available technologies could provide significant energy and CO2savings in the region.

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