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Evaluation of HSF – Water Conservation and Climate Change Training of Trainers (TOT) Program for Elected Women Representatives in Rural Rajasthan (2016)

IIEC worked as an expert evaluator in the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) water conservation and climate change TOT program in Rural Rajasthan. Centre for Social Research (CSR) implemented the project in collaboration with HSF to design and implement a training program to educate rural communities in Rajasthan on water conservation, climate change, and gender. The Training of Trainers–TOT program was designed and executed in four phases (2012- 2015) with target focus on elected woman representatives and to-be elected woman representatives in selected blocks. IIEC evaluated the impact and effectiveness of the TOT program in fulfilling the program objectives. The primary objectives of the TOT program were to I) increase awareness on water issues and gender inequality, ii) increase knowledge amongst Elected Women Representatives (EWR) about tools and existing water conservation schemes, and iii) build capacity among EWRs to lead water conservation initiatives at the village level. The evaluation provided recommendations for further improvement resulting in wider replication and impact at the grassroots level.

Climate Proofing of Watersheds and Spring Sheds to Improve Community Resilience in West Bengal (2017 - 2018)

IIEC has been engaged by OPM for designing a program for the West Bengal Government to ensure that adaptation is supporting the effective implementation of development programs. The overall goal of this program is “to improve climate resilience and build adaptive capacities of the communities to climate change in spring shed and watershed areas of West Bengal”. The program will help in improving climate resilience through the promotion of climate-resilient infrastructure and climate-resilient agriculture in spring shed and watershed areas of the P&RD Department. To Build the capacity of the P&RD Department in using the scientific data for effective implementation of ongoing and future spring shed and watershed development programs. To improve the capacity of state through the integration of risk mitigation tools for weather advisory and early warning information systems. The program will create a knowledge management system on climate change adaptation in spring shed and watershed areas of the state. IIEC has been engaged to write the proposal for the current programme for funding under the National Adaptation Fund (NAF) for the Government of West Bengal.