Electrifying Mobility in Cities: Investing in the Transformation to Electric Mobility in India” and “Integrated, Sustainability, and Low Emission Transport in Maldives” (2019 - 2020)

The GEF Council approved UNEP-IEA Lead Electric Vehicle along with 16 country projects. The assignment is to develop the GEF CEO Endorsement document (GCED) and related annexes proposal for India and Maldives based on the approved child project concept for the two countries. This includes the GEF CEO Endorsement request document as well as all UN Environment annexes and appendices for the GEF 7 cycle project.

Activities included: 1) Undertake information gathering and analysis on electric vehicle necessary for preparing the GCED and related annexes; 2) Undertake consultations with key stakeholders as agreed with UN Environment and ADB in understanding the needs and in developing the deliverables for the project to meet the outputs and outcomes outlined in the Child Project Concept; 3) Identify potential co-financing contributions and undertake discussions to seek collaboration and co-financing letters from partners; 4) Prepare a final draft of the full GCED and annexes under the guidance of UN Environment as per the detailed annotated templates included in Annex I for submission to internal UN Environment review processes (including the Project Review Committee – PRC) and post-approval by PRC to the GEF Secretariat; and 5) Review all PRC / GEF Sec comments on the CEO Endorsement Document, propose responses and ensure review sheets are developed timely and with high quality. Funding Agency/Client: United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)

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