Xiamen Green Transport Initiative (1997 - 1998)

IIEC established an ongoing cooperative relationship with the City of Xiamen, China. Activities included: Conducted four workshops over the 2-year period of the project, three of which utilized supplemental funding from the US EPA. The workshops focused on bringing sustainable transportation concepts to the Xiamen government's municipal staff. The first workshop was introductory in nature and resulted in a signed letter of understanding between IIEC and Xiamen. The second workshop brought two experts, courtesy of the US EPA Office of International Affairs to discuss pollution from the transport sector. The third workshop provided an introduction to sustainable transportation concepts. The fourth workshop, conducted by Professor Fwa of the National University of Singapore, presented specific technologies and practices in use in Singapore's transport sector. The third and fourth workshops were funded by the US Country Studies Program as a follow-on to the initial two workshops which were funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Funding Agency/Client: US Environmental Protection Agency, US Country Studies Program, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund

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