Training and Capacity Building
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South Africa

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Training and Capacity Building

Project Title

Capacity Building for Energy Standards and Labels




United Nations Development Programme

Project Funding Agency

United Nations Development Programme

Project Duration

Start Date

January 2013

Scheduled Completion

July 2013

Project Description and Summary of Services






The Standards and Labelling Programme is a 5 year initiative designed to remove barriers to market transformation of energy efficient products and services in Kenya. Currently, there is need to enhance the capacity and ability of Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Ministry of Energy (MoE), Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Agency (ACA) and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to enforce energy performance compliance of imported products. The objective of this project is to prepare and deliver a training programme to these key stakeholders.

IIEC performed the tasks as follows:

  • Prepare and design a training course on Energy Performance Standards and Labels for policy makers, implementers and distributors/ importers.
  • Develop a training program
  • Deliver the training course including theoretical presentations, exercises elaborating the theory presented, case studies and real on-spot verification to test the degree of comprehension of the participant.
  • Develop a structured manual that covers the course material and which can be used for subsequent reference (copies of slides used, exercises, solutions, manuals, etc.).
  • Develop evaluation questionnaires and evaluate the training courses based on questionnaire feedback

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