Efficient and Clean Cooling Technologies

This page lists some potential efficient and clean cooling technologies available to end-users.

Ecofrost - Portable, solar powered cold rooms (Ecozen solutions)
Energy efficient refrigerated storage - Cycle Optimisation (InspiraFarms)
Fresh box - Refrigerated storage (Solar option) (FreshBox)
Solar cool cube - Off-grid Solar powered cold rooms (Dgrid Energy)
CO2 Systems - Refrigeration Units (Enex)
Cooling System - Phase Change Materials New Applications (Sure Chill)
Cooling System for fresh product and seafood (Cool Plates)
Low ammonia charge system (Association of Ammonia Refrigeration)
Transcritical refrigeration systems - Cooling System (Green & Cool)
Walk-in, solar-powered cold stations - Controls & Cycle Optimisation (Cold Hubs)
Clay Refrigerator - Phase Change Materials New Applications (Mitticool)
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for low temperature applications (Kehems)
Vacuum cooler - Vacuum cooling (ICL Vacuum Cooling)
Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerators and Bloodbanks - Freeze Free (Dulas)
Solar powered refrigerators (SunDanzer)
Cool Phase Ventilation System - Phase Change Materials New Applications (Monodraught)
Split path air conditioning - Air Handling (Toro Water Air Thermal Technologies Corp)