Papua New Guinea - PNG Efficient & Clean Cooling Project

Name of applicant: Goans Engineering & Consultancy Ltd.
Project duration: 06/2019 - 12/2021

The main objective of the PNG Efficient & Clean Cooling Project is to: a) Promote installation of EE R32 Inverter RACs and the PAYS model in commercial establishments, small-medium industrial sectors, and government institutions; b) Showcase the benefit realization particularly in terms of energy cost savings irrespective of high initial investment cost; and c) Drive the policy intervention of efficient & clean cooling technologies in Papua New Guinea and the surrounding Pacific Islands.

There are more than 22,000 of such establishments that rely heavily on the cooling systems during the afternoon peak periods on every working day due to the country’s tropical climate resulting in very high energy consumptions. These establishments commonly use the conventional split-type RAC units with cooling capacity from 9,000 – 24,000 BTU/hr with R22 & R410A refrigerants.

This project aims to remove the barriers through demonstration of R32 Inverter room air-conditioners (RAC) in commercial establishments, small-medium industrial sectors, and government institutions which are the high-end energy users in the country and directly contribute to the system peak demand during normal business hours. In addition, it aims to demonstrate the energy saving benefits of EE air-conditioners through a PAY-AS-YOU-SAVE (PAYS) model which will mitigate barriers pertaining to initial investment costs and enhance knowledge to promote greater adoption of efficient and clean cooling which is rarely practiced in the business as usual cases in PNG.

The end-users range from commercial establishments, SME Industries, and government institutions. It is expected that the target beneficiaries will be commercial high rise buildings & complexes within the coastal regions where RAC units are predominantly necessary and are extensively used.

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