Vanuatu - Efficient and Clean Refrigeration for Small Banana Boats

Name of applicant: Tuff Boats Limited
Project duration: 07/2019 - 12/2021

The aim of this project is to provide mobile cooling systems both as freezers and fridges on small 7mtr longboats. As marine transport is mainly undertaken through the islands by a large percentage of the population using this style of the boat it would be a world first to endeavour to make a refrigeration system like this.

This project will benefit a large cross-section of the rural population of Vanuatu who lives outside the two urban areas mainly in the transport of food and medicines. The anticipation is that this technology will improve access to better quality foods and medicines in all rural areas of Vanuatu. Refrigeration is a contributing factor to growth and development both socially and economically. This is even more important in a developing nation such as Vanuatu.

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