Development of Financial Products and Related Institutional Mechanisms - India (2003 - 2005)

Project Descriptions: 1) Identify existing barriers to the establishment of an energy efficiency (EE) market, and the appropriate policy interventions to address these barriers; 2) Conduct a market assessment to define the key market segments that will be targeted for EE projects funded by the follow-on ADB loan; 3) Develop a set of financial products that can be provided to energy users, ESCOs, and financial institutions to help finance and implement EE projects; 4) Identify the existing and potential ESCOs that will provide EE project services to energy consumers using the financial products; 5) Identify the appropriate Executing Agency and financial intermediaries that will serve as the channels to deliver these financial products to the targeted markets; and 6) Develop an initial set of bankable EE projects for funding under the ADB loan.

Service Provided: 1) Team Leader; 2) Development of Policy Framework Report; 3) Assessment of EE market; 4) Identification and assessment of Financing Mechanisms; and 5) Development ofm Partial Credit Guarantee (PCG) program.

Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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