Strategic Framework for Implementation of EE Projects for Indian Water Utilities (2004 - 2005)

Project Descriptions: 1) Develop a strategic framework including financing mechanisms for the design and implementation of energy efficiency projects for municipal water utilities through private sector participation; 2) Define the energy services performance contracting (ESPC) approach and identify and evaluate various options for application of ESPC to public sector projects; 3) Apply this framework to the case of the Delhi Jal Board, to test its relevance and practicality; 4) Enable effective dissemination of the framework to other Indian water utilities through a workshop organized by the World Bank; and 5) The framework developed in this project was structured to be replicable for other water utilities in India and the region.

Service Provided: 1) Development of the Framework; 2) Definition and explanation of ESPC concept; 3) Assessment of ESPC applications for Delhi Jal Board; 4) Development of financing mechanisms for ESPC; 5) Assessment of potential energy savings and GHG reduction; and 6) Stakeholder Workshop.

Funding Agency/Client: The World Bank

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