Energy Conservation and Commercialization II (ECO-II) Project (2004 - 2005)

The ECO-II project was part of USAID's strategic objective of Improved Access to Clean Energy and Water. It provided the Government of India, through its Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), with the necessary technical assistance and training support to implement portions of its DSM and Building Codes Action Plan. IIEC conducted a study that identified the potential state level economic and fiscal benefits from creating an Energy Conservation Fund and reviewed state energy conservation funds established in other countries. As a result, the study was able to define various options for establishing an Energy Conservation Fund in Maharashtra, including energy projects that can be included in the EC fund.

Services Provided: 1) Reviewed the relevant literature of the relationship of the power sector to the state economy, the subsidies provided by the state to the power industry and the rising fiscal deficits and debt at the state level; 2) Identified and reviewed state energy conservation funds established in other countries; 3) Defined the various options for establishing an EC Fund in Maharashtra; 4) Defined and assessed the various options for developing financing mechanisms using the EC Fund; and 5) Identified and reviewed the various options for fund management and administration.

Funding Agency/Client: USAID and Government of India (Maharashtra Government)

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