Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management
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Project Title

Consultancy for design and institution of DSM plan and assistance in implementation of Phase 1 programs for Reliance Energy Ltd.




Reliance Energy Ltd.

Project Funding Agency

Reliance Energy Ltd.

Project Duration

Start Date

September 2007

Scheduled Completion

February 2009

Project Description and Summary of Services






1. Establishing the rationale for utility specific DSM initiatives

This included a detailed study of Reliance Energy System Profile from the utility as well as the consumers’ ends. The results of the study were utilized in developing a DSM/EE end-use opportunity matrices and narration on use of the strategies in reducing losses and costs of services

2. Development of DSM Plan highlighting Phase 1 (2 years) and Phase 2 (3 Years) activities

Developing consumer class and end-use technology specific list of DSM programs typically categorized under lighting, end use pumping, street lighting, HVAC programs. It included development of draft DSM Plan for different consumer classes and their phase wise implementation plan. 

3. Assistance in initiation of implementation of Phase 1 DSM activities

Finalization of detail program designs for the two selected programs including implementation plan, procurement budgets, consumer awareness campaigns and M&V. It also included preparing bidding documents to recruit vendors and service providers, execution of marketing plan for the DSM implementation providing inputs in the REL corporate marketing strategy and developing of reporting mechanisms and internal M&V plans.


Contact for more information

Rahul Agnihotri (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)