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Sustainable Urban Development

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Setting up of Mumbai Energy Alliance (MEA)




Blue Moon Fund, Overbrook Foundation and AFD

Project Funding Agency

Blue Moon Fund, Overbrook Foundation and AFD

Project Duration

Start Date

October 2008

Scheduled Completion

September 2010

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IIEC proposes to establish the Mumbai Energy Alliance (MEA) to enable massive scale-up of climate-friendly, energy efficiency implementation in the mega-city of Mumbai, India.

Using the substantial track record with the stakeholders, such as Reliance Energy and Tata Power, and modeled after the Cambridge Energy Alliance (, IIEC will engage local the private sector, utilities and regulators to create a service delivery model which encompasses the full range of implementation functions including engineering, technical, installation, project management, and financial services for the program.

IIEC has partnered with The Climate Group (TCG) and ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability to jointly carry out programs under the MEA banner.
IIEC will actively engage the private sector in the financing, leveraged through AFD experience base, and implementation of the energy efficiency solutions that are developed in partnership with the utilities.

Through its local office and staff in Mumbai, IIEC proposes to create the MEA in three tasks including: market characterization to help segment and target the market, financial engineering to facilitate transactions and enable the MEA to be the sustainable institution to coordinate stakeholder activities, and preparation of a phased implementation plan which will lay out the organization structure and a program plan.

Deliverables include:
- Defining attributes of a new city-based institution involved in the climate mitigation initiatives
- Stakeholder engagement and management process
- Demonstration of first few large-scale programs including end-use energy efficient pumping

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